NEW VERSION of cairo.B2B WEBTERMINAL - CAIRO-soft sp. z o.o.


We proudly inform that new version of cairo.B2B catalogue has been released. Below you find the most interesting news and changes. To update the catalogue to described above version please contact our helpdesk team (+48 89 533 95 07;

  • We have changed the way of sorting product in selected Tecdoc category. Currently products from promoted groups will be highlighted and placed higher in the view. Furthermore we have improved sorting products’ lists by availability – now first on the list there will be products available in default warehouse, second products that are not in default warehouse, but they are in any other warehouse that is available for the customer, and finally unavailable products.
  • We have added new functionalities in subaccounts view in the Admin panel.
  • In the lost sales mechanism we have added the detailed report, that can be exported to csv file, and some several improvements to the view in the Admin Panel.
  • We have modified behaviour of system in case exceeding the limit of products in search result. In older version in that case there was only alert about it. Now the search result will be shown, and additionally the info that it is not full result.
  • During the order confirmation process there are some new warning text in case of if some overdue payment have been noticed added.
  • We have added the confirm order button in orders view. In older version it was only available in the carts view.
  • In the Admin panel you can find new view with all VIN numbers that were used to search product with specified mark, if the search result was empty.
  • We have improved the way of navigating in product category trees (Tecdoc and own data). Till now after choosing category (viewing products’ list) and getting back to the tree, it was in it’s start state. Now after returning to it, the focus will be on earlier selected category.
  • Now you can mark a vehicle from Laximo database as a favourite, and create this way the list of vehicles, that will be always easy to use.
  • We have modified the file validation mechanism, that is used in the order import. In some cases it didn’t work well and denied to import some files in correct format.
  • The cairo.B2B catalogue is now ready to integrate with Facebook Pixel. Thanks to that you can monitor and analyse users movements in it.


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