cairo.WMS is an advanced warehouse management system that will introduce a new quality to your company. .
The technical solutions it uses, as well as Ability to integrate it with the warehouse automation modules allow for achieving high efficiency with almost complete elimination of any chance errors. The use of mobile warehouse terminals allows you to abandon paper printouts, and thanks to working in ONLINE mode significantly streamlines the processes. Being able to store goods at multiple locations gives the ability to better use the available storage space, thus generating real savings

cairo.WMS – means lower costs and higher efficiency of your warehouse.

  • Works ONLINE thanks to the use of mobile storage terminals
  • Ability to use chaotic storage of goods
  • Flexibility in defining the warehouse structure
  • Support for self-service sectors
  • Better availability of goods
  • Higher productivity of warehouse staff
  • Maximum simplification of operating the system
  • Optimization of ongoing processes
  • Support for all processes carried out in the warehouse
  • Integration with systems of courier companies
  • Complete elimination of the possibility of erroneous releases
  • Double verification of the correctness of the releases
  • Ongoing inventory without interrupting sales
  • Short employee training time
  • Efficient system implementation
  • Detailed employees analyses and settlements
  • Ability to integrate with warehouse automation modules
  • Support for PACK-TO-LIGHT technology
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