is a combination of three companies TecDoc Informations System GmbH, AuDaCon AG, and TecCom GmbH.

TecAlliance is a leader in the distribution of a database of spare parts for passenger cars and lorries (TECDOC), repair and maintenance data for all types of vehicles (TECRMI), and a platform for data exchange between manufacturers and customers (TECCOM).


is a warehouse solutions provider with many years of experience. Their implementations are successfully used by the leaders of the automotive industry in Poland.

Regalux provides:

  • professional service and individual approach to the client
  • preparation of the project in order to best optimize the storage space
  • efficient delivery of:
    • warehouse shelving (pallet racking, shelving racks, store racks, cantilever racking, Drive-in racking, archival racks, sliding racks, gravity racks, used racks, multi-storey installations, mezzanines)
    • forklifts (diesel/gas forklifts, electric forklifts, used forklifts)
    • warehouse automation systems (warehouse elevators, warehouse conveyors)
    • professional assembly and disassembly of warehouse installations
    • transport services
    • sales and after sales service

Infinite IT Solutions

is a producer of a mobile system that supports MOBIZ sales, that can work with the cairo.ERP FALCON5 system.

The MOBIZ app installed on a mobile device, which is used by sales representatives, has many features, the most important and most commonly used are:

  • sending orders directly to the FALCON system without having to deliver them personally
  • monitoring the status of placed orders
  • access to the customer’s order history:
    • billing status, payment terms, purchase volume
    • cooperation history: visits, orders, shelves
  • access to the current offer (prices, promotions, discounts, news, photos and descriptions of goods)
  • monitoring the level of implementation of the allocated sales targets
  • • in addition to sales, tasks in the field of competition analysis, debt collection and merchandising are also being carried out


is an entity whose main purpose is to provide IT services for the jewellery industry.

The JubiDOC system it offers for stores, jewellery wholesalers as well as jewellery manufacturers allows for running a jewellery company in a new way. It is a modern management tool that automates many activities that have so far consumed a lot of precious time. CAIRO-soft is the sole developer of the JubiDOC system.

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